The term “landing page” gets thrown around quite a bit and is used to describe different pages of a website.

You might have heard people refer to the homepage of a website as a landing page. Although they are not wrong, in marketing terms, a landing page is a different page. Landing pages are meant to catch a visitor coming from an advertisement. They leave the advertisement and “land” on that specific page.

Why use landing pages?

Have you ever clicked on an advertisement that caught your attention only to have you land on the homepage of the website?
Sometimes the product or service that you are interested isn’t even featured on the home page. Your interaction with this company usually ends there. That’s where landing pages come in.

A landing page is supposed to help you follow a natural sales flow. After clicking on a link, the visitor lands on an optimized page. This page has intuitive navigation, well places positioning statements and a clear call to action. If your investing marketing dollars on ads and are not making use of landing pages, we can assure you that you’re missing sales opportunities.

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