Not all logo design is created equal.  This one hits the mark

Logo design is a part of every marketing agency’s product arsenal and too often we get clients that already have a logo.  With the emergence of cheap design sites like fiverr and design zoo, it’s never been easier and cheaper to get a logo.

But not all logos are created equal and much thought has to be placed on the intent of the logo. What is the logo supposed to convey?  Will the logo design be funny? Corporate? Minimalistic?  Where will the logo be used and will it look good on the website as well as blown up on a billboard where drivers have 2 seconds to read and understand it?

While visiting a local market this weekend we came across a great logo.  With the owner’s permission we took a pic and thought we’d share what makes it great.

Logo Design San Antonio

  • COLOR: Too often clients wan to incorporate many coiors and even gradients (shaded or fading effects on a color).  Although the end result can be a stunning looking logo, a logo with more than three colors starts to get expensive when you start pricing marketing material such as T-Shirts and banners that cost more based on the amount of colors involved in the design. Additionally, try getting a gradient affect on an embroidered shirt and the results are usually not good.
  • Simplicity:  The use of solid shapes to convey the message and the use of the background for the window frame is genius.
  • Message: One look and I knew exactly what Frei Style does. They clean windows! Enough said.

Your logo is usually the gateway to your branding and marketing.  Don’t cut corners on the design of your logo only to regret it later.  Give us a call and we’ll be happy to give you a no-cost initial consultation.  We promise it will be worth your time regardless of who you choose to design the logo for your brand.