No it’s not you and yes, the amount of annoying ads has increased lately.

Have you noticed the increase in auto-play videos and intruding pop-ups online?  So has Google…and they’re doing something about it.  Coming in 2018 is a Chrome extension that will allow you to block annoying advertising.  Known as an ad-blocker (thank you Captain Ovbious), it will be designed to block advertising that gives users a bad experience.

By filtering annoying ads such as auto-play videos where the sound is on and freaks your cubicle partner and those large full-page pop ups that have a counter and make you wait to read an article, Google is making sure that the user experience is as pleasant possible so that its users will remain loyal instead of moving to a less annoying search engine.

What happens to the advertisers with the annoying ads?

The news that Google would filter ads, even if their message was directed to a tiny fraction of its traffic, spread like wildfire and served as a warning shot to all advertisers.  Back then, Google said it would give advertisers six months to tone down their invasive ads before going live.  Back in August, Google sent out notices to roughly 1,000 online publishers.  That means we’re three months into the Google six month grace period!

What does this mean for everyone else?

For most small and medium sized publishers, particularly those with a local or regional geographic focus, the next step is simple.
In fact, it’s the next two steps that will get you going in the right direction:

At the end of the day, doing the right thing for your readers is still the goal that Google says you should stay focused on.  If you as a reader would not like to see something on your favorite website, don’t make your readers see it on yours either.  It all reverts back to that Google Golden Rule of user experience.


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