I remember the days when I had to explain to a business owner what the benefits of having a good website were. Many of them, particularly those who had been operating without one for many years, took the “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” logic.  That logic no longer holds water because in the eyes of most consumers, if your business doesn’t have a good online presence and reputation, your business is “broke”.  The focus has shifted to what makes a good business website.

The fact is that today’s consumer not only expects you to have a website but he/she also expects a good business website to be up to date with fresh/relevant content and key information that will help them decide if your business can meet their needs.

In a recent study conducted by Vistaprint Digital, the biggest mistake a business can make, as pointed out by those surveyed, is to have out dated content.  49.7% of respondents say contact information that is outdated on a small business website leaved a bad impression.

What makes a good business website

Failing to post an address and the hours of operation (41.5%), unprofessional design (26.2%) and not including product information (34.3%) are three major factors that also contribute to that bad impression according to the 1,818 consumers surveyed.

What makes a good business website

How often should you update your website?  As often as possible.  You don’t have to move or hire a new employee to make a change to your online content.  The introduction of a new product, industry news and sales or promotions are a great way to keep your content fresh and delighting your visitors with a good experience.  According to the study, 28.9% of consumers consider a website that has not been updated in more than 6 months outdated.

Wondering what impact a bad website can have on your bottom line?  59.8% said they would be less likely to make a purchase if they had a bad impression of a business website.  A good business website can have the adverse effect!

What makes a good business website

Many business owners have no idea why consumers visit his/her website.  This key piece of information can help a business insure that visitors are not only provided with the content they seek but that it’s easy to find as well.  Here are the three most common reasons consumers visit a small business website:

  1. Product Information ( 44.9%)
  2. Hours of Operation (21.0%)
  3. Contact Information (18.7%)

What makes a good business website

So there you have it…by the numbers.  What to do if your website doesn’t stack up to consumer’s expectations?  Start by having a professional digital agency analyze your website’s contents.  Most agencies offer a free analysis and provide a report of where your website is lacking.  Contact Us if you would like for one of our team members to reach out to you.  Gather new information and assign the task of curating content to a staff member with weekly or monthly review to decide what content makes the cut and is forwarded to your webmaster to add to your site.

At the end of the day, there’s no real magic to a great business website.  If you place yourself in your visitor’s shoes, it’s pretty easy to see what can take your website to the next level.  If you’re still having trouble figuring out what’s wrong with your site after considering all of the data above, just think back to the last website you visited and what you wish your user experience would’ve been.



Carlos A. Noriega is the founder and Digital Strategist at LEAP interactive media group, a digital marketing agency specializing in digital marketing and web application development.  Interested in our services?  Contact Us for a free consultation!