You’ve taken the leap to start your own business, now you need to create your brand.  Designing your logo is probably the most fun you’ll have in developing your brand, it can also be the toughest part.

With the abundance of outsourcing options such as fiverr and upwork, you can easily hire a “designer” to create your logo virtually overnight.  The problem with that?  There is no way to know if the “designer” is really qualified to create a logo that will help you put your best foot forward in order to promote your products and services.  Virtually anyone can create an account and start offering design services without a clue about font application and marketing element implementation.

One of the most painful conversations to have with a business owner is about the logo they are providing for their website or marketing handouts and how it will not help them accomplish their marketing goals.  Whether it’s the size, color scheme or font, the logo we’re handed usually lacks something.  Telling a business owner that the logo they paid for, either in money or sweat equity, is going to need redesigning, is usually not well received.  As a marketing professional, it’s my job to deliver the sad news as well as a recommendation on how to fix it.   This doesn’t have to be you!

I was pleasantly surprised when company folder’s infographic included so many ingredients that are key to a good logo.  They touch on fonts, white space, negative space and of course, color.  You can use it as a guide to creating your new logo or to see how your existing logo measures up.

With the right budget, you can hire a marketing and design firm like ours to make sure you give yourself the best shot at a great brand launch.  Our firm can work with you to create a great brand with design fees that start at $750 and increase depending on the complexity of the project.  If, however, like many startups, you have more time than money, or you’re Photoshop/Illustrator skills are ninja-like, keep the infographic close as a guide and you won’t have to worry about that conversation your web or brochure designer and you will have down the road.

In the interest of measuring twice and cutting once, do your research and remember that a logo is much more than just a pretty image.  Your logo sets the tone for your interaction with your clients and suppliers.   Click Here to view and download the Company Folders infographic.

Carlos A. Noriega is the founder and Digital Strategist at LEAP interactive media group, a digital marketing agency specializing in digital marketing and web application development.  Interested in our services?  Contact Us for a free consultation!