Co-Branding is the marketing or promotion of a service by two brands that share a target demographic. 

A great example of co-branding is Capital One offering you airline miles on United Airlines.  A smaller scale version of that is your local Ford Dealer giving you a gift card to your favorite Mexican restaurant when you test drive a vehicle.   

What are the major benefits of co-branding? 

  • Larger combined marketing budget – Combining your marketing dollars allows you to cast a wider net. 
  • Wider reach – Both brands gain access to each other’s loyal audience. 
  • Credibility – Partnering with an established and respected business raises your business to the same stature. 

The easiest way to start co-branding is to look for a business that targets the same demographic you do.  The best-case scenario is a brand that compliments your products & services.  

Can’t quite figure out what co-branding looks like for you?  Contact Us for a free brainstorming session and you’ll be surprised how close co-branding opportunities have been all along.